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Cyber Security NZ wide - Online protection is essential

The growing threat of Cyber Security for New Zealand businesses...

From simple viruses just 8 to 10 years ago, written by a few students in a dorm for fun, to the threat landscape we see today - cyber attacks have been fastest evolving. Today the sole objective of attackers is to steal money from your business. Stealing credit card details, company intellectual property, and financial details are common methods for ultimately procuring money from your business.

While some opportunistic amateurs are still out there in cyberspace, a few well funded and skillful operators have become very adept and wealthy at plying their craft on unsuspecting business owners and companies of all sizes. Contact us today for advice about your cyber security options, our consultants will work through your risk profile and offer tailored IT solutions  from 1Mb/s to 35GB/s in single or high availability solutions.

Computer Security for your Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington or Christchurch business starts with a call to Advanced Business Computing
Cyber Security Consulting
Advanced Business Computing  offer 24/ 7 monitoring of your security systems and reporting as required. Our online security experts encourage you to have your facilities independently audited and penetration tested to verify that your facility is secure against threats.  More...
Cyber Security WatchGuard XTM
WatchGuard XTM is a range of Next Generation Firewall and Unified Threat Management (UTM) platforms that are suitable for applications from home office to the most demanding ISP, enterprise or government departments. A compelling edge protection solution, talk to our IT consultants about these products today.  More...

Watchguard Reporting
Within six months after its first release, WatchGuard Dimension was chosen by readers of Network Computing as the Best New Product of the Year and customer demand as well as industry-wide recognition has been growing rapidly. Why? Because WatchGuard Dimension brings big data visibility to network security, without the associated cost and complexity. More...

Reliable Online Security throughout New Zealand

Preventing your business from becoming the next victim of a malicious or haphazard cyber-attack should be a high priority in your ICT infrastructure. Although many companies have implemented great Cyber security products and strategies, some have fallen short of the mark. This means that their finances and intellectual property were left open to attack. If you're a retailer or you're contemplating a merger, Advanced Business Computing can assist you you with an effective strategy and implementation to make your company more secure against cyber threats. 

Many great vendors of cyber protection software and products exist today, and they can prevent your business from becoming the next statistic. Our preferred online security vendor is WatchGuard, they are industry leaders in network security.  We can provide advice, source the right network security products and install them to a high standard. We are WatchGuard registered and trained professionals, and have worked with their products since 2008 - with great results for our clients. 

In some cases where cyber attacks have been successful, administrators were notified that something was wrong, but it was difficult to decipher the logs and formulate reports to diagnose the problem. This is why you need to contact the experts in computer security - don't leave your business vulnerable to cyber threats.

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