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Specialist Cyber Security Consulting

Across industries, various organisations increasingly rely on cyberspace to drive efficiencies, innovation and business growth. With cyber attacks on the rise, it is critical that you secure your online operations. The traditional approach to IT security focuses on the technical aspects of internet security software, but this is only one part of protecting your assets including your reputation, IP, employees and customers. 

The personal commitment to protecting your organisation is an essential part of a strong cyber defence. Our Computer Security Advisors will travel to you throughout New Zealand and can help your organisation create a security culture based on mutual trust, not only surveillance, to strengthen your cyber security and protect your competitive position. Contact us today to discuss your cyber security software solutions.

Independent advice and individualised computer security consultation

At Advanced Business Computing we take each part of the threat landscape seriously, our IT consultancy is geared towards making your business technology secure. We can look at your current setup, consider your business objectives and recommend a course of action to improve your resilience to cyber attacks. We understand that attacks can mean hackers on the internet or social engineering such as dropping an infected USB stick in your company car park. 

Our experienced team of online security professionals will take into account all possible types of threat when creating a computer security plan that's tailored to your business's needs. Use the form to the left to book a consultation and discuss your cyber security options.

Choosing the right computer security software for your New Zealand business - Expert Advice

security Christchurch CyberWhether you are a technology wiz and know exactly what you're after, or a business owner who just wants peace of mind when it comes to online operations, we have a cyber security option for you. Our Christchurch based online security consultants offer industry leading software from WatchGuard along with other vendors to give you total protection, and will travel to you anywhere in New Zealand. Our consultants will explain the purpose of each product in the security framework, so you can make informed decisions about the online security of your business and offer training on managing your cyber security system. Enquire about the WatchGuard range via the form to the left, or read more about each product:

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